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Charlee Jacob


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About Charlee

Horror Novels That Thrill and Inspire

Some of the most harrowing works of fiction come from real life — and some of the waking nightmares of the author's reality. Author Charlee Jacob's life was riddled with pain and abuse as a child up to her first marriage. Using writing as an escape and a form of therapy, she took into account everything she had experienced and learned to heal through her work. She went from having little-to-no confidence to writing award-winning novels and horror books. Her work is so moving that readers have told Charlee that her writing also helped them to heal. After marrying her current husband, Jim, she got her first novel published by Necro Publications. When it comes to Charlee Jacob's work, there is hope and a message that can help readers cope with the pressures of everyday life.

Charlee's Writing Credits

With more than 950 publishing credits, Charlee Jacob has been writing dark poetry and prose for more than 25 years. Some of her recent publications include the novel "Still" (Necro), the poetry collection "Heresy" (Necro), and the novel "Dark Moods." Charlee is a four-time Bram Stoker Award winner, of which two of those awards were for her novel "Dread in the Beast" and the poetry collection "Sineater." The third award was for the collaborative poetry collection, "Vectors," with Marge Simon. Charlee's work can be purchased directly through the Necro Publications website or through Amazon.

Authentic and Descriptive Writing

Charlee's favorite part of writing is observing the reaction of those that read her literature. She's had numerous service members approach her and compliment her on how well she captured the feeling of being in a warzone so vividly and accurately. Other readers often ask Charlee where she gets her ideas, and she answers them by saying that she got most of them early on through her nightmares.